An Evening with... Jose Padilla

José Padilla didn’t invent sunsets. But the Spanish DJ’s time at legendary Ibiza beach bar Café del Mar did make ambient Balearic sundowner soundtracks a thing. Last year, he dropped by our sister outlet Akademi to spill some memorable stories and tracks with Bali’s music lovers.

Sipping Spanish-themed cocktails, the Café del Mar veteran shared some of his vinyl favourites, recounting vivid stories behind each track along the way.

Listening Session

1. Paco de Lucia – Entre dos Aguas

This is Balearic music before the genre became popular. One of the best guitarists of all times, de Lucia was the first flamenco musician to introduce new elements such as bass and percussion. Even knowing at the time – in 1974 – that he was criticised by the flamenco purists, he elevated the genre to a universal level.

2. The Night Writers – Let the Music Use You

Definitely my favourite house record. This takes me straight back to the magic of Ibiza. At the end of the ’80s and beginning of the ’90s, when Alfredo (Fiorito) dropped it in Amnesia, this real timeless classic had me running to the dancefloor to dance my socks off.

3. Theo Parrish (re-edit) Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass – Rise

DJs are doing re-edits of every song under the sun, but Theo did a great job with this track’s Latin flavour. The perfect accompaniment to a dinner at Movida.

4. Glenn Underground – Moog Vibrations

Glenn is a genius. My favourite house music producer, he has opted for a Latin-Brazilian pulse in this offering.

5. Joaquin Joe Claussell – With More Love

A cascade of acoustic guitar, piano, drums and beautiful chorus – everything is in the right place. Pure bliss. Joaquin is also my friend and one of my all-time favourite DJs and producers.

6. Jose Padilla – Day One

Normally, after I’ve produced one of my tracks and listened to it a thousand times, I don’t really play it anymore, but this is different. I’m proud of this one; it was the first house track I produced and I never get bored of it.

7. Serginho Meriti – Batalha Maravilhosa

A selection wouldn’t be complete without a Brazilian song! The first time I heard bossanova was as a teenager; it changed my perception of music, opened a new door and tuned me into other styles. This artist is not well known like my other favourite Brazilians composers, so enjoy this under-the-radar peach.

8. Il Guardiano del Faro – Disco Divina (from the album Oasis)

A pearl from my collection, this is an obscure beauty from 1978. A clear example of the immense talent in the music scene during those years in Italy. This LP features a collaboration of musicians such as Tullio de Piscopo on the drums and guitarist Johnny Farina. A sailing corker of synth-pop-cosmic-ambient.

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