Audiophile listening space

In 2016 Potato Head Hong Kong launched an audiophile music room, the first listening space of its kind in Hong Kong.


The main priority with the space was the sound. We set out to create the perfect room for listening to records in the way they were intended, in a comfortable warm environment.


The room itself was acoustically designed to fit the sound system that we had built for the space. We installed two monitor options, allowing us the option to give the music a more well rounded sound if needed, as well as the choice to flip the monitors, depending on the genre or era of our selected music. When listening through these kind of monitors, it makes a significant difference.


The vintage JBL 4355s have such an honest sound that they make well produced records sound incredible. However, ones that are not so well produced are mastered so there’s nowhere to hide. These speakers were used in the heyday of the disco era in many well known studios, and were the go-to monitors at many after hour NYC disco spots in the ‘70s and early ‘80s.


In addition to the JBL 4355 speakers, Klisphorns and Klipsch La Scalas also come into play; the blend of these monitors makes for an interesting sound while the ability to switch between monitor mid-set creates an interesting listening experience.


Classic McIntosh amps and preamps give the monitors the sound and power they need, pairing up nicely with the JBL and Klipsch speakers.


The space is also home to an 8000 piece vinyl library with sounds from jazz, disco, rock, ambient house, New Age, dub, house, techno, afro and everything in between. Often, DJs will come and play all night, selecting tracks only from the library. This gives for a different dynamic than DJs turning up with their own records; it feels more like going back to a house party and playing a friend’s records.


Drop by if you are in Hong Kong.