BudoCon x Potato Head: Dr. Lawrence Blair Talks ‘Geometry and the Jungle’

Lawrence Blair, the man behind Emmy-nominated documentary series Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey, lands at the Beach Club on Thursday 28 September to share stories, film clips and photographs of his adventures in the wilds of Indonesia.


Meet the filmmaker who brought Indonesia’s least contacted peoples and remote lands to the screens of the West for the very first time in the ’70s. Ring of Fire, filmed over a decade and famously backed by Ringo Starr, follows Lawrence Blair and his late brother Lorne into the blank spaces on the map, through dense jungles and untouched islands.


Myths and magic come to life with the Blair brothers’ very personal narrative of head-hunting cannibals from New Guinea, human sacrifice in Sumba, and Borneo’s ‘dream wanderers,’ who can track each other through strange nighttime visions.


Listen to Lawrence’s stories from the field first-hand and see footage of some of his most precarious and perspective-changing encounters with Indonesia in the first of his two talks.


For his second discussion, Lawrence will introduce the mysterious and deeply symbolic world of sacred geometry, one of his specialisations and subject matter of his 1976 book, Rhythms of Vision: Changing Patterns of Belief.


British singer/songwriter and guitarist Samuel J will perform live on the night. A vocalist who has shared the stage with the likes of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Donovan and Jurassic 5, Samuel counts performing for the Dalai Lama at his 70th birthday celebration as one of his biggest career highlights.


Away from the stage, Samuel works with music to empower children, coaching guitar and composition to different groups each quarter. He is also a mind-and-body practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in music therapy, spinal rehabilitation, reiki and massage amongst other healing practices.


Enigmatic San-Franciscan poet/rapper Kamau Abayomi, a two-time winner of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival poetry slam and TEDx speaker, will give a live spoken word performance midway through the evening.


Kamau’s portfolio is wide, spanning not only poetry but  film, music and dance. He’s the Founder and Creative Director of Live Mysteries, an eclectic soul-filled arts collective based in Bali, and the author of GodBody, the first book in a fictional novel series.


He has made a home for himself amongst the creative circles of Bali, drawing inspiration from those around him and exploring subjects as varied as ethnicity, eroticism and self awareness in his work.

Kamau at Potato Head Bali



Don’t forget to check out a photo exhibition featuring cultural snaps from Lawrence and Lorne’s Indonesian odyssey at Studio Eksotika, our audiophile bar. Together with an exclusive print by Mati Klarwein, the photographs will be on display for the whole evening.


Event Details:

Thursday 28 September

5pm onwards


BudoCon X Potato Head


5:30pm: Meet & Greet with Lawrence at Studio Eksotika where photos from his adventures will be on display for the evening.

7:00pm: Live performance by Samuel J

8:30pm: Poetry by Kamau Abayomi

8:40pm: Dr. Lawrence Blair presents: Ring of Fire & Myths, Magic, Monsters

10:00pm: Dr. Lawrence Blair presents: Sacred Geometry & Mysticism