Creator Series #002
Wacko Maria

For Creator Series #001, we converted Suite 501 at Katamama into a pop-up studio overlooking the ocean for Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence.


This time round, we meet up with cult Japanese streetwear brand Wacko Maria to learn about the inspiration behind the Wacko Maria x Potato Head aloha shirts, launched in January with special events in Bali, Jakarta and Hong Kong. 

Potato Head | Creator Series #002: Wacko Maria
Potato Head | Creator Series #002: Wacko Maria

Since launching in 1995, Wacko Maria has built up a niche following from their base in Tokyo to cities all over the world. Their collections are often inspired by music, and twist classic styles in a modern way—an approach with strong synergy to what we do at Potato Head.

To celebrate our collaboration, we sat down with the Wacko Maria team to learn more about what drives their creative process.


Filmed in The Katamama Suite, Creator Series #002 centres features founder Atsuhiko Mori and his daughter Yurara, who hand-illustrated the Mystic Island motif for our Wacko Maria x Potato Head shirts.

Check out Creator Series #002 below—which includes exclusive footage from the launch party in Bali, headlined by Hunee and Killer Tunes Broadcast.