Desa Potato Head
A Village of The Future

Our experiential playground combines good times with doing good in the world


Potato Head Family has always been sustainably driven—from the careful construction of our venues to the ingredients in our kitchens, or from our emblematic art installations made of rubbish to the ways we help preserve the island’s historic handicrafts. But these are trying times for our dear friend, The Environment, so now we’re taking it to the next level across our entire flagship property with Desa Potato Head.


In Bali, desa means village, but at Potato Head it means so much more. We consider our desa a multi-disciplinary hub of the future built around a super simple mission: provide good times and do good in the world. It’s an experiential playground for guests to become engaged and inspired, whether that’s dancing till dawn or learning how to upcycle plastics into products. We see Desa Potato Head as a place where ideas can be shared and spread, as a way to incite change both at home and abroad.

Desa Potato Head Entrance
Our new bamboo gapura marks our ongoing commitment to building a village of the future

Our new bamboo entrance marks this steadfast commitment to creating a village of the future, which includes Potato Head Beach Club, Katamama, Escalier, Studio Eksotika and the forthcoming Potato Head Hotel. Since most are already familiar with the ways in which we carry out the “good times” across these establishments, we’d like to elaborate on how we’re holding up the latter part of our company ethos, of protecting the planet.


For starters, we’ve become the first Indonesian hospitality company independently verified as carbon neutral by the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now initiative. That means that for every one tonne of climate-changing carbon we put into the atmosphere, we’ve invested in a renewable energy or infrastructure that takes that carbon out. We’ve also banned single-use plastics, created our own water desalination plant and adhere to a zero-waste philosophy wherever possible.

Desa Potato Head No Plastic
No single-use plastics are permitted at Desa Potato Head
Desa Potato Head Entrance
"Good Times, Do Good" is our MO

The marine pollution crisis is just outside our front door, so we’ve built Sustainism Lab to experiment with plastics and keep them out of our oceans. Located in a former shop on our main pedestrian walkway, this accessible space will be home to a robot that can melt down and upcycle any non-biodegradable materials created at PHBC or elsewhere within the desa.


We’ve also teamed up with the Bali-based organization One Island One Voice to draw attention to this catastrophic issue. With the support of US-based non-profit 5 Gyres, we’re spotlighting the immense challenge of eliminating single-use plastics while encouraging our neighbours to do the same by signing a “Komitmen” to ban drinking straws and shopping bags, implement robust recycling programs and organise beach clean-ups for the debris that’s already reached our shores.

Desa Potato Head
"5,000 Lost Soles" by artist Liina Klauss
Desa Potato Head
"Boutique of Love" by artist Eko Nugroho

And then there’s our investment in the next generation, the little kids destined to become the big people who run things. To ensure Balinese children can grow up as green leaders, we’re actively raising funds for academic scholarships to the world-renowned Green School in Ubud through their Change Maker programme. We also co-host a monthly workshop series for families dedicated to sustainability and the preservation of local customs, crafts and culture.

Desa Potato Head
Glass straws are just one part of our sustainable bar program

Caring for the environment is tough; it involves working tirelessly to change old habits and create new standards. While there is no simple way to solve all the the world’s environmental challenges, we’re fully committed to finding solutions, both large and small, to minimise our impact on the earth.


We hope you’ll join us at Desa Potato Head for some serious fun and in our serious commitment to protect the earth.