DJ Harvey

‘Cult leader’ and ‘living legend’ are the type of titles that DJ Harvey is commonly given. He’s been at the top of his game since the 1980s when he was throwing parties such as Tonka soundsystem and Moist, and building up a reputation for playing 12 hour sets with a spectrum of sounds that no one else was. He was the first resident at Ministry of Sound London, bringing over electronic music pioneers, including Larry Levan, to the UK.

His release of Sarcastic Mix is seen as one of the best mixes of all time and his recent projects such as Wildest Dreams, Map of Africa and Locussolus have kept him at cult status with no signs of slowing down.


We’ve been lucky enough to host Harvey a few times at Potato Head Beach Club, and his distinctive style and flair have made for truly epic DJ sets, including his legendary gig playing the official afterparty for Grace Jones.