Eko Nugroho x Potato Head
Bouquet of Love

Ten metres high, seven metres wide and made from trash – Potato Head Beach Club’s summer installation, Bouquet of Love, is the work of contemporary artist Eko Nugroho.

One of our close friends and long-time collaborators, Eko is most well known for his futuristic murals, although his work crosses various art forms. His contemporary take on Indonesian shadow puppetry, Wayang Bocor, screened at the Beach Club last year, bringing into focus an aspect of traditional culture that is fast falling out of favour with younger generations.


This time around, we called on Eko to help us spread the word about Indonesia’s plastic predicament. Seeing the archipelago’s rivers, shores, forests and community spaces becoming more visibly cluttered with single-use plastic products, Eko felt compelled to speak up as an artist.

“My love for Indonesia inspired me to create Bouquet of Love; it’s a rich, magnificent tropical country, which is also experiencing dynamic growth and development”.

Old TVs, toy carts, trash can lids, motorbike helmets and sheets of discarded corrugated iron are among the 300 kilograms of locally collected trash that Eko and his team used to create Bouquet of Love. Constructed over five weeks in the artist’s hometown of Yogyakarta in Java, the installation was transported to Bali in pieces and fitted to the Beach Club’s exterior over five nights.

Painted in coral reds, watery blues, shades of purple, yellow and black, Eko’s bold imagining reflects the kaleidoscopic natural beauty of his native archipelago. Gill-like structures and quasi-tentacles within the 3D collage point towards the artist’s intention to use his work as a symbol for our surrounding oceans and seas, which are becoming more tainted with unnatural waste materials each day.

Check out Bouquet of Love as you enter the Beach Club – it will stay for the rest of the year, a timely reminder to us all to think more carefully about where our trash ends up.