Grace Jones Live at Potato Head Beach Club

We are fortunate enough to host some of our favourite artists and music legends at Potato Head Beach Club.

On our wish list were artists such as Prince who sadly never made it for the show we were planning, so it was with great honour that we managed to pull off a live show with Grace Jones. Grace Jones epitomized the NYC underground culture like nobody else, through her amazing forward-thinking music and style, influencing millions of fans, but also the likes of artist Andy Warhol.

Potato Head | Grace Jones Live at Potato Head Beach Club

Festival-goers at Potato Head Beach Club witnessed Jones’ unmistakable performances up close, including hit tracks Pull Up To The Bumper and Slave to the Rhythm, a song during which it has become her unique trademark to hula hoop.

Her fierce presence and dramatic entrance immediately sent hairs and goosebumps standing up. With the presence of a tiger, she put on the most amazing show along with a backing group that were as tight as they come, making tracks sound bigger and better than the original recordings, a feat that is very hard to achieve.

From a laser enhanced performance of Love is the Drug, through to the swinging dubbed out My Jamaican Guy and several costume changes, it’s clear that the queen still firmly holds the throne.