Green School x Potato Head
Change Maker Programme

The only way to a better tomorrow is to start with the kids of today


Potato Head is globally renowned for good times, but we work equally hard to do good in the world: we collaborate with local partners to minimise plastics, offset our carbon footprint, and manage waste in the most sustainable way. While these measures are an effective way to reduce the environmental footprint we leave on our planet today, we know that the only way to secure the future is to inform—and inspire—the youth.


It’s for that reason we’ve teamed up with Bali’s Green School to raise funds for their Change Maker programme. The Ubud-based institution is internationally recognised for teaching children and teens about sustainability through a hands-on approach, and the Change Maker initiative offers local kids a free education so they can become future green leaders. Like Alicia Annisa, a graduate who has created her own Instagram campaign called Green Ripple, or current student Uci Witsen, who passionately shares information about recycling and waste reduction with other kids in her community.

Potato Head | Green School x Potato Head: Change Maker Programme

The money raised through merchandise sales and donations that guests can add to finals bills at Katamama and Potato Head Beach Club will go towards scholarships, which, in addition to tuition fees, includes funding for workshops, counselling, field trips and school supplies.

Potato Head | Green School x Potato Head: Change Maker Programme

Donations can also be made online to directly support Green School and the Change Maker programme by entering your email address below.