Island Food Connections

The farm-to-table movement isn’t a new culinary concept, but it’s a philosophy we’re more passionate about than most at Potato Head Beach Club. Over 95 per cent of our ingredients are cultivated in Bali or Indonesia, supporting our local growers and keeping transportation distances to a minimum.

Our plates spotlight Bali-grown organic vegetables, handmade island cheeses and ethically-sourced fish and meat products, in keeping with our environmental ethos and offering you a genuine sense of how diverse and flavourful Bali’s produce can be.


Each year, we build on our network of small-scale, responsible producers who deliver farm-fresh wares to our kitchen every day. It’s thanks to this remarkable collective of growers old and new that our Beach Club chefs are able to showcase the very best of Bali’s tropical terroir.



English chef turned kitchen gardener Owen Colville grows a myriad exotic vegetables, micro-greens, herbs and edible blooms at his farm of three years in Plaga. Miniature violas, nasturtiums and heirloom tomatoes are among his most popular products, all tended to by a team of local workers who collect rainwater for irrigation and use a homemade organic pesticide of chillies, rosemary, tobacco and cow’s urine.


In his former position as a chef at one of the island’s more prominent hotel chains, Owen was frustrated by the difficulty in sourcing high quality heirloom vegetables and so embarked on his own organic farm venture with a mission to yield varieties that nobody else in Bali was growing. Punchy wasabi leaves, rainbow radishes and their shoots, beet varieties, baby fennel, amaranth leaves and pea shoots are just a few of the Novio-grown ingredients you’ll find in our dishes at the Beach Club.



Fresh from the boats at Jimbaran Bay morning market, just 15 kilometres from the Beach Club, we source native Bali fish for our daily catch and regular seafood plates.   


Red and white snapper, barramundi and grouper are the typical haul of Jimbaran’s fishermen and you’re likely to taste them in our starter-sized ceviche, or larger servings of lava-stone grilled whole fish or our classic fish and chips, cooked in a local Stark beer batter.


Meanwhile, clams and oysters – native to to the pristine seas surrounding Flores in East Indonesia – are among the shellfish showpieces of a Beach Club seafood platter.



Working hand-in-hand with marginalised cacao farmers and salt makers in Bali, Big Tree Farms supplies our kitchen with fine organic cacao products and artisan sea salt. 


Roasting cacao beans at a lower-than-usual temperature means that Big Tree’s beans retain a rich flavour profile and maximal nutrient content. More than that, they sweeten their chocolate with natural coconut sugar to keep the product as pure and wholesome as possible. 


We choose Big Tree’s natural sea salt for its pure, subtle taste. Hand-crafted on the shores of Kusamba village in East Bali, it’s produced using century-old methods by the local salt makers there.



Inspired by the artisanal cheese-making customs of the alpine pastures (alm) found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, Bali-Alm produces more than a dozen cheeses using nutrient-rich cow’s milk from Malang, East Java.


Natural processing and strict European standards for hygiene are matched with cheesemaker Clemens Mueller’s love of experimentation. Bali-Alm’s extensive dairy repertoire includes camembert, blue, ricotta, mascarpone and semi-hard Tilsiter cheese, Bali-Alm’s version of the Emmental valley cheese of the same name.


We use Bali-Alm’s distinctive varieties throughout our menu – sample a few in our cheeseboard, served up with homemade lavosh crackers, grapes and walnuts.





Up in the highlands of Bali, our friends at Plaga Farm grow hydroponic salad leaves, beefsteak tomatoes and tropical legumes, among other things. Plaga Farm cauliflowers feature in one of our seasonal plant-based plates. Paired with East Bali cashews, turmeric, and kemangi, the versatile veg is treated eight texture-and-taste-enhancing ways, one of many vegan-friendly creations. 

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