Beyond the Motifs: Inspirations for Potato Head Merch

From magical myths to jungle flora, our island-inspired merch puts a modern twist on traditional Balinese motifs.


Our barong print depicts Bali’s two opposing mythical forces, barong and rangda. Lion-like barong is the hero of Balinese folklore, representing the powers of good, while the child-eating rangda is the demon queen of the leyaks and barong’s sworn enemy.



Inspiration for the legong shirts, worn by our team at the Beach Club, came from the centuries-old Balinese dance form of the same name. A choreographed ritual which was originally performed by extravagantly costumed young girls, the dance is known for its jolting head movements, distinctive facial expressions and complex footwork. Ubud Palace is one of many places where you can still see legong recitals today.


Mandrill-like monkeys appear amongst coconut palms, frangipani trees and jungle ferns in our Sunny Side Up print and Sumatran tigers, standing proud amidst their rainforest home, are the focal point of our tiger print aloha shirt.



Magic light, morphing colours, the lull before the night kicks off—if you’ve been to our Beach Club, you’ll know that sundown is a special time here. Bali’s flame-red, early-evening sun appears in a few of our styles.


Red brick temples can be found on every corner of Bali, used for worship and furnished with offerings every day to appease Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. An ever-present feature of our ‘Island of the Gods,’ temple outlines can be traced in our barong print edition.



Classic Hawaiian shirts have a timeless quality that we love. With its volcanic atolls and white sand beaches, Hawaii has much in common with Bali and the loose-fitting, lightweight Aloha shirts that originated there are specifically designed to keep the wearer cool in a warm and sticky climate like ours.




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