Our new seafood restaurant explores the future of sustainable dining


The culinary premise for Ijen is straightforward: Serve fresh-caught fish over an open fire. In the expert hands of Balinese chef Wayan Kresna Yasa, who utilised his island upbringing as the Chef Poissonnier at Chicago’s two Michelin-starred Acadia restaurant, mission accomplished. A whole red snapper is merely glazed then cooked to perfection and paired with creative plant dishes like roast cauliflower with keluwek tahini or barbecued corn. Easy enough, and simply delicious.

It’s off the plate where things aren’t so effortless. Ijen is the upshot of our goal to become a fully circular brand, and as the first restaurant in Indonesia to follow to a zero-waste philosophy, we hold it to the highest of sustainability standards. In addition to materials and cooking techniques which reduce the environmental footprint, all organic and inorganic waste is meticulously separated; food remnants are fed to pigs at local farms or taken to our own nearby compositing site, shellfish shucks are powdered and used for added calcium in animal feed or fertilizer, and all dry goods are entirely recycled by the island’s responsible waste management service, ecoBali.

Menus are printed on sustainably harvested paper and bound to rubber boards made from recycled truck tyres provided by local flip-flop brand, Indosole. The dining area is comprised of furniture made from foam offcuts and recycled wood, the floor is poured from a mix of broken plates, drinking glasses and recycled cement, and the lighting is long-lasting LED—among other carefully considered design details.

Located inside Potato Head Beach Club, Ijen’s open-air environment lends itself to sweeping views of the ocean, the natural resource we aim to protect by eliminating waste as much as possible. From dehydrating fish scales and turning them into crackers to asking our suppliers to deliver goods wrapped in banana leaves, we’ll continue to refine our process and find solutions for what gets left behind after a memorable meal is had.

Ijen is now open daily for lunch and dinner. Reservations can be booked online.