Island Talks #001 – Larry Heard

Island Talks profiles international creatives from the fields of music, art, fashion and more in the tropical surroundings of Potato Head Beach Club, Katamama and Bali.

Series #001 features an interview with one of the most important figures in dance music history – Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers, an artist we were honoured to host at the Beach Club at the end of December.


Known all around the world for his role in the Chicago house scene of the mid 1980s, Larry was part of the influential Fingers Inc. group with vocalists Robert Owens and Ron Wilson. His smooth production style, soulful vocals and extended instrumentals quickly won him high regard among the international music media and his 1986 masterpiece ‘Can you Feel it?’ paved the way for dance music as we know it.


We catch him before his  performance to find out more about his debut Bali experience, his early musical influences and what’s in store with his new album – check it out below.