Paradise Needs
Your Help

Lombok, our beautiful island neighbor, has been hugely affected by a recent series of earthquakes striking the Indonesian archipelago.


Since the first earthquake hit on 31 July, Potato Head has been supporting evacuees with weekly visits, bringing in food, water, shelters, first aid and hygiene supplies, generators and lighting, and toys, games and books for children. We initially supported Project Karma’s virtuous relief efforts, but quickly realised we needed to take on the responsibility ourselves in order to be most useful to Lombok’s inhabitants. Potato Head now sponsors two evacuee camps housing 2,205 people, located 15 km north of Mt Rinjani, where we work directly with local camp coordinators to ensure that all supplies are handled by local village members and nothing is wasted.

Potato Head is now seeking to extend our support to other camps in the northern and eastern areas of the island. We’re raising funds by hosting A Dance for Lombok, a charitable event with local and international DJs and specially designed t-shirt. All profits from ticket and merchandise sales will go directly to our on-site efforts. You can also stop by Desa Potato Head at any point in time to donate much-needed supplies.

Potato Head | Paradise Needs Your Help
Potato Head | Paradise Needs Your Help

Join us at Potato Head Beach Club for A Dance for Lombok on 15 September from 4pm till late.