From a small hut with a traditional alang-alang thatched roof, you can now order servings of artisan gelato, made from scratch by our friends at Gelato Secrets using carefully selected Bali ingredients.



Dark chocolate from Sulawesi, vanilla beans from Singaraja, North Bali; and fresh mint from Payangan, Central Bali, are among the fine archipelago flavours showcased. What’s more, because each scoop is made the traditional Italian way, it contains less calories, fat, sugar and air than regular ice-cream, and has a more intense flavour.


“Air content in industrially-made gelato is really high, so if your gelato peaks like a mountain, you know it’s not natural,’ explains Gregory from Gelato Secrets.


Most options are gluten-free, including the honeycomb, local pineapple and black rice pudding flavours, as well as our red rice cones.

We’ll be changing up our frozen offerings regularly so watch this space for signature Beach Club flavours and lactose-free cone fillers – coming soon!