Stamp The Wax
Sunset Selects

Aaron Levitt takes us on a tropical journey
ahead of his DJ set at PHBC

One of today’s most revered online music magazines, Stamp The Wax keeps its mission simple. “We say nice things about music that stirs the emotions and has an interesting story to tell, whether you’re a headliner or it’s the first thing to your name,” says co-founder Aaron Levitt.


Launched in 2011 while at university, STW was Aaron and his friend Josh Brill’s attempt to create something productive out of the surplus of time they spent surrounded by music. Back then it was mainly dance club grooves that got him going, but as editor-in-chief of the internationally admired site, today his musical interests—or obsessions, as he calls them—are vast.


“The global network that STW has opened up for me up has been the best thing that’s come out of the whole project,” he tells us. “Supporting music from all over the world has helped me form relationships with similar minded people and learn about local cultures beyond the guidebooks. There’s a real comfort knowing there are people in far-off places who think and try similar things as you; travelling to those places and meeting those people is a hugely enriching experience, and one I’m forever thankful for.”

Potato Head | Stamp The Wax: Sunset Selects at Studio Eksotika, Bali

We’re fortunate Aaron’s musical adventures have brought him to Bali, and excited to have him at the Potato Head Beach Club bar deck for a Sunset Session this Sunday, 26 August. Be sure to catch him there or online via the video live-stream on our Facebook channel. To get you in the tropical state of mind, we asked Aaron to select his top five sunset tracks.

RANGEr: Bazokonwaba

The second release on Waella’s Choice—the label I run with Andy Lemay and Will Edge—this is a new project from Portable connecting him with his South African roots. I dropped this at sunset at La Torre, Ibiza, and it brought a lump to my throat. That might’ve also been down to the steady flow of margaritas.

Ruf Dug & Jack Doepel: Daintree

150bpm breaks released on Luca Lozano’s Klasse Wrecks, which is much more reflective when slowed down to 110. Ruffy’s pads become prolonged and atmospheric, while Jack Doepel’s sax takes on a powerful new dimension with more space around it.

Beach Wizards: Midnight Waves

Sunsets and the sea are hard to separate, so having two minutes of ambient wave sounds is always handy when mixing is hard or unnecessary. Released on Tracy Island, a side project from Banoffee Pies’ Ell Weston.

Willie Colon: Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub)

A Paradise Garage anthem from 1986, penned by Puerto Rican salsa icon and New York politican William Anthony Colom. I’d follow Theresa May into battle if she made something this heavy on the strings, trumpet and cowbell.

Winters: Sunlight

The keys work of Takuya Matsumoto, percussion play of Leon Vynehall and the synth work of early Floating Points makes for a beguiling, beautiful combination on the debut from Melbourne producer Winters. Like dapples of sun breaking through the ferns of East Victoria. Serious talent to keep an eye on.