Sun Down Circle #028

Our one-day music festival celebrates its 5th anniversary with a circular programme that goes from sunrise to sunset


Five years ago Dutch selector Young Marco put his spin on Bali’s journey from day to night with a five-hour set for our first-ever Sun Down Circle event. A club night that we approach more like a mini festival, SDC is a celebration of both the music we love and the glorious point in the evening when the sun transforms into a neon ball which drops from the sky above to down below the horizon line across the Indian Ocean.


This SDC marks our 5th anniversary and we’ve come, well, full circle. Young Marco is back and joined by Melbourne’s CC:DISCO! as well as local favourites Dea and Belda, who will take the helm from 5-7pm during our video livestream with NYC indie station The Lot Radio.


And that’s just the music! We’re taking SDC to new dimensions by starting at sunrise. Join us on the beach for a morning sound bath led by the gong masters at Pyramids of Chi, then a communal breakfast with Lawrence Blair. The celebrated explorer will lend his knowledge on sacred geometry to reveal the true symbolism of the circle, an ancient shape steeped in meaning. Next we move to Sustainism Lab where the team from Green School’s Innovation Hub will investigate the connections among sound, art and nature in a cymatics workshop for kids.


Whether you’re more sunrise or sunset—or a magical balance of both—we hope to see you for this very special 5th anniversary of Sun Down Circle.


SDC Archives



Pyramids of Chi

Pyramids of Chi’s gong masters immerse guests in complete relaxation through sound, vibrations and breathing techniques. The rhythms reduce the beta waves that dominate conscious thought and increase the intensity of theta waves, which inspire deep rest and an increased awareness of inner self. Not only is sound healing an enjoyable experience but it’s also the link between matter and spirit on a vibrational level.

Lawrence Blair

Lawrence Blair, the man behind the book “Rhythms of Vision: The Changing Patterns of Belief,” will share his knowledge on sacred geometry to reveal the true symbolism of the circle. Meet the adventure filmmaker and author who, together with his late brother Lorne, brought Indonesia to the attention of the West for the very first time in the 1970s with their Emmy-nominated documentary series “Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey.”

Green School

Green School is committed to educating for sustainability in a natural environment through a purpose-driven curriculum. The Bali institution believes schools should be places of joy, and strives to champion a new model of education that fully ignites the imagination of children so they can engage and learn with optimism, inventiveness and wonder.

Young Marco

Known for an unorthodox style and eclectic track selection, Young Marco has gone from an underground favourite in his native Amsterdam to a highly sought-after selector on the international circuit. Marco put out numerous releases as part of the Rush Hour family before creating his own imprint, Safe Trip. This year he released “Bahasa” on the Island of the Gods label, which marries his eccentric sound with gamelan, gong and Balinese field recordings.


A mainstay of the Melbourne club scene, Courtney Clarke got her start on FM Radio at the young age of 15. Her weekly show, Smoke and Mirrors, is now celebrated as the essential start to every Friday night with her seductive variations on ‘70s and ‘80s disco/Italo classics mixed with new edits. Her upbeat tunes and passion for making the dance floor the happiest place on earth make her a perfect match for a tropical club night under the stars. Listen to her playlist.


A personal invitation to spin for Grace Jones and a compliment from Gilles Peterson calling him “the best DJ I’ve heard in 10 years” are just two of the accolades Dea Barandana can claim. The multi-instrumentalist and sound designer’s talents can be attributed to an upbringing in Jakarta in the ‘80s, where he was influenced by the sounds of Indonesian city pop and new wave, as well as years spent hunting obscure records in charity shops across Europe. Listen to his playlist.


As an Indonesian DJ, music aficionado and record collector living in San Francisco for many years, Belda’s sound is deeply inspired by California’s local music scene. Now based in Jakarta, she heads up Laid Back Sessions—an underground gig at Cafe Mondo—with Japanese DJs Hikko and Dr. Satomata, as well as her own regular party called “Never Too Disco.” Listen to her playlist.

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