Sundown Sessions #003:
Dea Barandana

The Studio Eksotika head connects the global dots among Belgian multi-instrumentalist Alec Mansion, Brooklyn avant-garde jazz pianist Steve Kuhn, The Ian Langley Group’s dubbed-out tropical island rhythms, 1970s Indonesian pop singer Hemi Pesulima and more


When the musical greats come to Potato Head their mission is often twofold: play to the crowd there to see them and track down Dea Barandana for their own personal entertainment. You see, a few years ago Dea was flying under the radar as a cult-loved selector until Gilles Peterson blew his spot by naming him “the best DJ I’ve heard in 10 years” after seeing his set at the Beach Club bar deck. And then there was Grace Jones, who was so blown away by Dea’s warm-up set she asked him to spin tunes at her private after-party. Now nearly every artist who comes through our tropical home stops by Studio Eksotika—Desa Potato Head’s audiophile space—to swap records and talk shop.


The multi-instrumentalist and sound designer’s talents can be attributed to an upbringing in Jakarta in the ‘80s, where he was influenced by the sounds of Indonesian city pop and new wave, as well as years spent hunting obscure records in charity shops across Europe. Dea continues to showcase vinyl collected from every corner of the planet while launching a new label focussed on Asian artists and playing with his band, ZATUA.