Sunset Sessions #001
Måns Ericson

The Swedish DJ sets the tone for our new music series, recorded live at Potato Head Beach Club


Hailing from colder climes one would think Swedish DJ Måns Ericson might shy away from laying down tropical tracks, but this Beach Club regular is no novice to Balearic beats: In 2006 he and Yourhighness created Rollerboys, an epic disco dance party that became a Stockholm institution. Måns’ has since founded his own imprint and clothing label, Junior Executive, while continuing to DJ all over the world. His recent stop at Potato Head saw him behind the decks for Sunset Sessions, where he mixed together The Beach Boys’ ’Til I Die, Derrick Lara’s amazing reggae cover of Nina Simone’s Baltimore, and Mos Def’s Umi Says, among other left-field sounds. Give it a listen here.