Sunset Sessions #002
Toby Tobias

The London DJ delivers a hypnotic mix of Carly Simon, Prince Lincoln, LTJ Bukem and more, during the golden hour at Potato Head Beach Club


Driving around London in search of abandoned warehouses, open fields and seedy basements in the mid-‘90s, Toby Tobias had one mission: to dance all night. And with Kiss FM recordings from the likes of Colin Faver, Paul Trouble and Fabio & Grooverider as his fuel, Toby accomplished his goal while also gaining a deep interest in British club culture. Today his taste is varied; his output spans dreamy Balearic affairs to intense hardcore workouts. He also holds a monthly residency with the Phonica Records crew and holds it down as a producer for releases on London Housing Trust, Tracky Bottoms and Late Night Audio.


For Sunset Sessions #002—recorded live at Potato Head Beach Club—Toby connects the dots among Carly Simon and rare Black Dog tracks, with the likes of Visage, LTJ Bukem, Prince Lincoln and more in between.