Sunset Sessions #003
Fantastic Man

The Melbourne DJ takes us on a sonic journey into the cosmos and beyond


Melbourne fixture Fantastic Man is as promised—a cerebral DJ that delves deep into the art of his craft to deliver sounds that are confidently exotic with an intellectual edge. His ability to create a cohesive narrative through music stems is most evident in his 2016 LP, Altitude Attitudes, released on Parisian Antinote Records under yet another of his wonderful monikers, Mind Lotion. These days Mic Newman (his real name) travels the world as a DJ while also developing Australian artists on the label he set up with Francis Inferno Orchestra called Superconscious Records.


For Sunset Sessions #003—recorded live at Potato Head Beach Club—Fantastic Man seamlessly glides from genre to genre, building a sonic journey into the heart of an island sunset. He pulls you in, bounces you around and loses you in space with tracks that span the decades, including ambient techno from LA Synthesis, downtempo Balearic beats via Melbourne producer Tornado Wallace, Unique 3‘s old-school dub-styled cuts, Jah Wobble, Turkish edit don Baris K and more.