Sunset Sessions #004
Dicky Trisco

Brazilian beats, cosmic Italo disco, Secret Squirrels and plenty of “under the counter” edits from renowned remixer, Dicky Trisco


Disco aficionado and a Good Times ambassador, Dicky Trisco travels across the world to join people and music in sweet sonic unison. A DJ, producer, remixer and record label head honcho, DT possesses a keen ability to turn the dance floor into a refuge—a place to let loose and forget all worries—while channelling all the good energy the world has to offer.


For Sunset Sessions #004, recorded live at Potato Head Beach Club earlier this year, DT delivers an immaculate selection of infectious disco, funk and Brazilian beats with the promise of rapturous abandon of all the inhibitions holding us back. He sets off into the sunset with tracks from the cosmic Italo legend Daniele Baldelli to Rio’s rising star Joutro Mundo by way of some Secret Squirrels and other “under the counter” edits—a DT speciality.


If this is how Dicky Trisco treats a Sunset Session, be prepared for an even wilder night of deep cuts when he hits the bar deck this Saturday for a late-night boogie with a warm-up set from another Potato Head favourite, Eric Duncan.