Sustainable sensibilities

Here at Potato Head Family, we have always advocated the ethos of sustainable design and supporting our local communities in our projects.

From the striking facade of Potato Head Beach Club, constructed from thousands of antique Javanese window shutters, to the 1.5 million hand-pressed Balinese temple bricks that make up the structure of Katamama hotel, we endeavour to source natural materials from Bali, Indonesia or wherever we are building.

The Katamama project enabled the island’s local makers to build the hotel using their particular skills in our modern context, thus showcasing their crafts in a new light.

Our events and installations are a vehicle for us to further showcase sustainable design. We deliberately look at the way materials or waste can be reused in a modern setting within the Beach Club. Before we launch our 2017 installation, let us look back at some of our past installations…

Sustainability Sensibilities Potato Head Bali

Coconut Bar

Our coconut bar, which was made from discarded coconuts, acted as a pop up over the summer at Potato Head Beach Club. The husks made up the walls of the bar which was supported by a recycled steel frame.

Rum Shack

The launch of our rum pop up was an opportunity to explore how we could use waste materials such as old wood, bamboo and corrugated steel found in scrap yards. The materials were re-imagined into a tropical bar.

Sustainability Sensibilities Potato Head Bali

Sunny Side Up 2015

For our Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival 2015, we built the entire set and decor design from local bamboo and natural grass alang alang.

Sustainability Sensibilities Potato Head Bali

Sunny Side Up 2016

For our Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival 2016, the stage facade was made from recycled wood which was cut into shingles. The shingles were then loosely hung, acting as a kinetic installation as the shingles moved in the wind.

Sustainability Sensibilities Potato Head Bali

De La Soul

For the performance of hip hop legends De La Soul, we revived a 100-year-old joglo (traditional Indonesian house) to create a distinctive stage space. The joglo structure has since been used as a studio for Potato Head Family.

Sustainability Sensibilities Potato Head Bali

Roy Ayers

When jazz legend Roy Ayers played at the Beach Club, we wanted to create something special for his performance. Salvaging old structures, scrap wood and local Balinese materials, we built a one-off stage for Roy to perform on.

Summer Installations

Utilising local Balinese materials, made largely from bamboo or leaf materials, we conjured the idea of these hand-dyed leaves – an interesting decorative touch to our summer installation of 2016.

NYE 2016 Stage

Our dramatic stage, made from local bamboo, set the scene for a series of festive events, including our Boiler Room session, DJ Z-Trip and Rudimental shows.

NYE 2015 Shack

Giving life to an old warung shack, we elevated it on stilts to be used as a DJ booth for New Year’s Eve 2015.

Artisan Installations

The local artisans are Bali’s true unsung heroes. For the opening of Katamama, a hotel they had a huge part in building, we wanted to reveal their very particular skills through these special artisan installations.

Sustainability Sensibilities Potato Head Bali

London Cocktail Club

When London Cocktail Club came to the Potato Head Beach Club, we created a one-off pop-up bar from an old Balinese structure, carefully restoring it using found or recycled materials.