Experiments in Sustainism Lab

Building toward the future inside our new research and design workshop


While records have been spinning as usual in Studio Eksotika—our intimate audiophile/gallery space at Desa Potato Head—something else has been stirring right next door, attracting the curiosity of passersby as Lego-coloured machines and peculiar objects have gradually started to fill out the space. Difficult to guess the purpose of all this, two words in white minimalist typography on the door reading give it away: Sustainism Lab. This is our new research and design workshop dedicated to finding innovative solutions to waste, which will help us to keep our operations zero waste and become a circular brand in which every element fits into the three Rs of sustainability—reduce, reuse and recycle.

Potato Head | Sustainism Lab at Desa Potato Head, Seminyak, Bali

Behind its big glass windows you’ll find resident eco-champions Dewa Legawa and Scott Farren-Price unfolding enthusiastic experiments for regenerating waste into new materials and products. As the lab grows, their output will also serve as an educational and collaborative space for guests and industry peers to learn about sustainable practices. We hope to show our Bali community how an entire business can be tailored around a circular operation, and how a collective effort, based on awareness and education, will create the progress needed.

Potato Head | Sustainism Lab at Desa Potato Head, Seminyak, Bali

By the looks of their experiments, “designing for the future” could easily apply as the lab’s tagline. Lying on the long rectangular table in the lab is a small collection of darkly hued bricks that, by their unassuming appearance, look like any other construction brick.


Surprisingly, they are in fact made of 50% sand and 50% LDPE plastic, the type typically used for plastic bags. Through a relatively simple heating process, the single-use shopping bags have found new life as a raw material, which, once moulded and left to dry, has proven successfully strong.


Another experiment involves seashells and styrofoam, which potentially could end up as a chair, but the team is already thinking of other potential uses for this decorative substance.

As products and materials of high value, use and quality are coming to life at Sustainism Lab, it’s becoming clear that this is a place where experimentation is all about fun and creativity, but with innovation and design-thinking at the core. Sustainability can be an exciting topic for anyone; we plant to use this space to engage guests of all ages and interests in an imaginative and informative way.

Potato Head | Sustainism Lab at Desa Potato Head, Seminyak, Bali

Stop by Sustainism Lab to see what we’re working on and help us plant the seeds for a better future. You can also follow along on Instagram at @sustainism_, where we post our own work and those of others that keep us inspired.